About Prelude

The recent acceleration of online global interconnected systems has opened up a new set of challenges related to national security. Cyber warfare has emerged from this global connectivity as the latest adversarial method of mayhem. The development of cyber technologies and techniques are redrawing national security maps and restructuring how governments think about ensuring safety to its citizens and organizations. Learn More about why we exist.

Most defensive cyber innovation is locked up in the networks of the Intelligence community or Fortune 500 companies. This makes sense on the surface - these organizations have critical datasets and the most to lose from hacks or breaches. But as COVID-19 has taught the world, security now permeates to all corners of the globe, and more accurately, all homes. The attack surface area has expanded far beyond typical data centers or military buildings. We live in a world where any organization of minimal size or data infrastructure is now, by definition, part of the existing weaponized cyber battlefield.

And yet, we do not have a series of tools that exist to protect all organizations from the new world we live in. Current cyber software is typically very expensive, complicated to use and compliance-driven. It is not designed to support or protect the average organization or the cyber professionals that work at those organizations.

With nearly 1m cyber professionals in the US (which is expected to grow to 2m in the coming year), it should be a national priority to provide Intelligence-grade security tools to all organizations and the cyber professionals that work for them.

That is Prelude's mission. We believe that by developing these Intelligence-grade tools and making them affordable, accessible and easy to use, we can start to provide a layer of cyber protection that doesn't exist today. Further - we believe that enabling the individual cyber professional with the highest-quality tools enables bottom-up protection of organizations, allowing the tools to adapt to the unique nature of each environment.

Prelude Operator, our first tool, is the first intelligent and autonomous platform built to attack, defend and train your critical assets through continuous red teaming. It has two complementary goals:

  • To make autonomous red-teaming accessible to every organization
  • To defend those organizations through continuous, up-to-date training

Intelligence agencies and large corporations employ red teams to simulate adversarial attacks against their own systems and produce lists of vulnerabilities and risks. They then have their blue teams try and fix those vulnerabilities, and keep pace with the latest tools & technology to do so.

We believe that every organization should have access to a cyber red team to test their security systems. However, current options are extremely cost prohibitive and very complex to deploy, Prelude Operator is the first autonomous red team designed for cyber professionals to use within their own organization.

We've paired that red teaming tool with a continuously evolving blue-team training engine designed to keep you up-to-date. As new attacks or tools are released, Prelude Operator will update (daily) with new training modules to recertify their skills and knowledge.

For more information, please check out the Prelude Operator feature page, the team behind the tool, or contact us with any questions.

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