Become a Prelude Fellow

As Prelude Operator continues to grow and expand, we are looking to create a new group of advisors, the Prelude Fellows, to help us expand the technical capabilities of our platform. This role is equivalent to what traditional security companies call "Greybeards", a small group of highly experienced, highly technical, security practitioners that care deeply about making the world a safer place.

These advisors will form an exclusive group, focused on pushing the security industry forward through technical rigor and "different" thinking.


At Prelude, we understand the limits of what are able to do, or should be doing. One of our philosophies is to develop a platform that allows for descriptive, vs prescriptive, development. We want to enable people far more experienced than us to develop adversary profiles, TTPs, agents and other advanced security features in order to help our users defend themselves better. Another way of framing this is as a "wisdom of crowds" problem - where we believe that only by unlocking a diversity of opinions, perspectives and experiences will be able to truly offer a comprehensive set of solutions.

The Ideal Profile

  • You are an elite (top of your field) technical offensive and/or defensive security practitioner.
  • You have experience working with implants, C2 frameworks, building advanced adversary/APT profiles and TTPs.
  • You have a strong technical network throughout the security industry. This is important to help bring together the best ideas and people, as well as making sure you, and we, are constantly up-to-date.
  • You align with our core objective - which is to make security more accessible to everyone.

Why Work with Prelude?

In addition to publishing content that will help make users, organizations, and the open-source community safer, the Prelude Fellow program offers the following benefits:

  • Bi-monthly calls with other Fellows and the core technical team to collaborate on problems and gain visibility across the industry.
  • A platform to publish findings/unique research.
  • Free access to research plugins and advanced procedures in Operator.
  • An equity pool designed specifically for Fellows.
  • Potential monthly $ stipends, depending on the level of commitment.

If interested, please contact David Hunt, CTO, at


Adversary Emulation

Mimic known threats to your organization by combining threat intelligence and continuous red teaming to emulate attacks.


Defensive Training

Train yourself or your organization on real-world attacks using the first training platform integrated directly into an attack emulation platform. Perform attacks and learn how to stop them.


Desktop Application

Prelude takes care of the complexity behind the scenes and delivers Operator as the first desktop application in autonomous red-teaming. Simple design and free to use, download it here.


Continuously Updating

New TTPs and training content added every week (and sometimes, daily). Stay up-to-date, automatically. Threat intelligence, adversary creation, TTPs and training content all updated within the desktop app.