Prelude Operator Community Edition

Operator Community is a free adversary emulation platform packaged as an easy-to-use desktop application. Designed by the core developers of CALDERA (read about our partnership with MITRE here), Operator Community was built to be used by individual security engineers & researchers.



Easily build adversaries

Operator Community comes pre-loaded with three adversaries to make getting started easy. Want to build your own? Community ships with 100+ open-source TTPs and the ability to connect to Atomic Red Team to instantly import over 600 more.

Train yourself

New to adversary emulation? Take one of Operator's continuous training classes to teach you how to use the platform, how to deploy your own attacks and how to use the tool to test your defenses. Learn More.

Extend the platform with integrations

Want to connect Operator to your cloud environment? Use agents written in other programming languages? Map your attacks to the ATT&CK matrix? Operator has developed Plugins - an easy way to fit Operator into your workflow.

More Features

Community Edition

Designed for individual security engineers & researchers learning about adversary emulation.

  • Open-source TTPs and agents
  • Editor - design, test and manage your TTPs
  • Emulation - perform security assessments against your system using Community TTPs
  • Plugins - cloud, agents, and more
  • Introductory training
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Professional Edition

Designed for security engineers using Operator for professional use.

  • Everything in Community, plus:
  • 230+ professional (advanced) TTPs and agents
  • Run attacks against internal, cloud or production environments
  • Pre-built adversaries, including APT29, Fin6, and many more
  • Beautiful, exportable reports
  • Switchboard plugin - redirect beacons with your team
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