Prelude Operator Enterprise Edition

Integrate attack data, realistically. Operator Enterprise is focused on bringing together teams inside an organization to make full use of the functionality offered by Operator, including integration into existing infrastructure. The Enterprise license allows red/purple teams to act as the centralized adversary, deploying attacks & training into their organization, gathering efficacy insights and improving overall security. This takes the "individual-focused" Operator model to the next level, allowing for exercises & training that integrates into day-to-day workflow.

SIEM Integration

Integrate real adversarial attack data into the enterprise through defensive integrations and deep support.


Core Features

  • Defensive integration plugins - including the Prelude SIEM plugin (Splunk)
  • Enterprise dashboard & reporting to action a comprehensive view of activity
  • Real-time support with our security team
  • Access to our security team to engage in professional services


$20k/yr + $2,500/yr for each professional license beyond account #5. Our pricing is intended to provide a core set of licenses for the purple/red team, along with centralized enterprise features. All Enterprise Licensees are Professional License holders so all Professional features are included.


  • Organization of 10 security professionals
  • $20k/yr for enterprise, which includes 5 individual professional licenses
  • 5 x $2,500/yr = $12,500/yr more for the additional 5 people
  • Total price is $32,500/yr

Professional Services

For Enterprise tier organizations, Prelude offers professional services to augment or accelerate their use of Operator. These services are aimed at deep, custom, technical implementation - primarily focused on agent or adversary development. Services can also be focused on infrastructure integration to minimize rollout friction. Single or multi-day trainings can also be contracted to help with deployment/understanding of how to use the tool.

  • Pricing done on a per-project basis, no hourly "markup". If the customer is deeply aligned with product development/it helps improve our product development, we will discount appropriately.
  • Approximate pricing depending on number of "person days" it ends up being for general projects


1. Determine scope of project/complexity

2. Discuss alignment with Prelude product development/reciprocity from the process

3. Map to time needed on both sides

4. Determine pricing

Contact Us at support@prelude.org

Community Edition

Designed for individual security engineers & researchers learning about adversary emulation.

  • Open-source TTPs and agents
  • Editor - design, test and manage your TTPs
  • Emulation - perform security assessments against your system using Community TTPs
  • Plugins - cloud, agents, and more
  • Introductory training
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Professional Edition

Designed for security engineers using Operator for professional use.

  • Everything in Community, plus:
  • 230+ professional (advanced) TTPs and agents
  • Run attacks against internal, cloud or production environments
  • Pre-built adversaries, including APT29, Fin6, and many more
  • Beautiful, exportable reports
  • Switchboard plugin - redirect beacons with your team
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