Design, test and manage your TTPs. No more writing & testing attacks manually. Introducing the first IDE for TTPs - a full suite to import, write, edit, test, deploy and export attacks that you write. Build and iterate new adversaries.


Quickly design and create new attacks. Important 600+ free TTPs from Atomic Red Team using the ART plugin. Classify them based on the ATT&CK matrix, write functions that map to all operating systems and languages, and add your own payloads. Save time by having Editor tell you if a similar TTP already exists.


Test your TTPs against your local or cloud environments with one click. Get near instant results to build an iterative development pipeline. See your TTP chains to build the best adversaries quickly.


Starting with 100+ open-source TTPs, quickly important Atomic Red Team TTPs to immediately have a database of 700+ TTPs. Ready to upgrade to Professional? Prelude has developed 237 advanced attacks that are mapped to adversary profiles like APT29, Fin6, etc... Manage your TTP repository using easy-to-use filters.


Adversary Emulation

Mimic known threats to your organization by combining threat intelligence and continuous red teaming to emulate attacks.


Defensive Training

Train yourself or your organization on real-world attacks using the first training platform integrated directly into an attack emulation platform. Perform attacks and learn how to stop them.


Desktop Application

Prelude takes care of the complexity behind the scenes and delivers Operator as the first desktop application in autonomous red-teaming. Simple design and free to use, download it here.


Continuously Updating

New TTPs and training content added every week (and sometimes, daily). Stay up-to-date, automatically. Threat intelligence, adversary creation, TTPs and training content all updated within the desktop app.