What Is Prelude Operator?

Prelude Operator is the first intelligent and autonomous platform built to attack, defend and train your critical assets through continuous red teaming. It is the first tool designed by Prelude to support our mission of bringing Intelligence-grade security products to every organization. Prelude Operator is designed for security professionals - with a focus on design, simplicity and deep security domain expertise.

Prelude Operator is designed to mimic what has traditionally been done by manual red teams. We believe that in order to bring automated red teaming to all organizations, it must become affordable, accessible and simple to use.

Operator mainly focuses on post-compromise situations, while still retaining the ability to conduct initial access. This tool should be used to emulate adversary attacks, test your defenses, and train you to defend against them in the future. Our tool is designed to evolve in real-time, just like the security industry.

Take a tour through the features below or click here to learn more about the team behind Prelude Operator.


Create Realistic Adversaries

Test your defenses by intelligently chaining together TTPs, using our pre-built threat intelligence filters or creating your own. Mimic real adversaries or custom-design increasingly intelligent attackers. Prelude ships with 50 free TTPs and 30 pro ones, with more being released weekly.

Attack What Is Most Important To You

Once your adversary is created, select the range to emulate an attack on that computer or system. Our intelligent decision-engine will determine how and what to attack, and learn from the results, just as an attacker would.

Review Results & Automatically Receive Intelligent Recommendations

A personalized dashboard shows results from the attacks run on your system. Prelude shows how the attacker decided the order of attack, how successful they were, and gives recommendations on what to do about it. Those recommendations are automatically integrated into training to create defensive feedback-loops.

The first continuous training platform for cybersecurity

Continuous asynchronous content, training and recertification. Receive push updates to our desktop application when new training is available. Run real emulations of attacks to train on the real thing. Instructional content on every single TTP, with new training releasing weekly.

Adversary Emulation

Mimic known threats to your organization by combining threat intelligence and continuous red teaming to emulate attacks.

Defensive Training

Train yourself or your organization on real-world attacks using the first training platform integrated directly into an attack emulation platform. Perform attacks and learn how to stop them.

Desktop Application

Prelude takes care of the complexity behind the scenes and delivers Operator as the first desktop application in autonomous red-teaming. Simple design and free to use, download it here.

Continuously Updating

New TTPs and training content added every week (and sometimes, daily). Stay up-to-date, automatically. Threat intelligence, adversary creation, TTPs and training content all updated within the desktop app.