Prelude Operator Professional Edition

Operator Professional is a fully-realistic, professional-grade security assessment platform. Mimic advanced adversaries, test against local/cloud environments before deploying against production and export reports for your security team to review. Operator Professional was designed to be used by security professionals, either individually or with a team. $50/month, download and upgrade



Professional grade attacks, built by security engineers

Prelude's internal team continuously develops TTPs and adversary profiles to be used inside of Operator. 237 professional TTPs are currently available, including: MITRE Center for Threat informed defense emulation plans (APT29, Fin6, menuPass), CISA inspired adversary based on APT’s targeting Think Tanks (Modular malware with “TTPs as code”), Container attack scenario (Docker), Azure cloud attack scenario, LoLBAS project for Windows.

Powerful reporting

Easily visualize your attack chains and see what succeeded (and didn't). Export those results to a format that works for you - .json, .csv or a pre-formatted red-team report in Word.

Ask for help

Running an assessment and need help analyzing something? Need guidance on designing a new adversary profile? Professional users can click the "help" icon and a Prelude team member will be there to help.

Work with your team

If you have an Operator professional license, a tool called Switchboard will be automatically installed on any newly provisioned redirector. Switchboard is a systems application that allows you to easily share an agent’s beacons with teammates.

More Features

Community Edition

Designed for individual security engineers & researchers learning about adversary emulation.

  • Open-source TTPs and agents
  • Editor - design, test and manage your TTPs
  • Emulation - perform security assessments against your system using Community TTPs
  • Plugins - cloud, agents, and more
  • Introductory training
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Professional Edition

Designed for security engineers using Operator for professional use.

  • Everything in Community, plus:
  • 230+ professional (advanced) TTPs and agents
  • Run attacks against internal, cloud or production environments
  • Pre-built adversaries, including APT29, Fin6, and many more
  • Beautiful, exportable reports
  • Switchboard plugin - redirect beacons with your team
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