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Defenders who need a red team

Red teams are expensive and inconsistent. Most defensive teams - otherwise known as blue teams - struggle to afford a red-team assessment, even as large corporations. Those lucky enough to get one scheduled then have to deal with the fact that there is no objective standard to how red-teams operate. If you hire a red-team today and they find 10 vulnerabilities and you hire another team next year and they find 5, did you fix half of the problems or was the first red-team better than the second?

Blue teams often rely on Prelude Operator to replace the red team entirely, or at least, allow them to schedule manual red teams less frequently. Because Prelude Operator is extremely simple, a defender can run the same red-team assessment the same way week-over-week to ensure consistency.

Red-teamers who want an autonomous tool to supplement manual assessments

Red-team operators are always hunting for the latest and greatest tools to conduct security assessments. There are a slew of free, open-source security tools at any given time and Prelude Operator is a popular choice for command-and-control (C2) frameworks, meaning it can be used as the central tool for conducting an assessment.

Individuals looking to learn and grow in cyber security

Prelude Operator’s first training program taught cyber security professionals how to use Prelude Operator itself. Due to the popularity of this program, in Prelude Operator 1.0+, training has taken a front-stage position, acting as a built-in, continuous certification program.

Prelude Operator 1.0+ is also well positioned to teach newcomers to the field of cyber security. Because of its ease of use and free nature, there is little barrier to entry to installing, running and learning the security ropes through the various training programs now available.

IT security looking for hands-off hacker protection

Individuals in smaller organizations, without full defensive teams often have a single person or small team in charge of their overall security. These individuals often manage antivirus and vulnerability scanning, along with applying patches and being the lookouts for security holes on a regular basis. These individuals are able to use Prelude Operator to test the resolve of their networks and local workstations against hacker attacks.

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