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Prelude Operator: A Platform for Developer-first advanced security

Introducing Prelude Operator

Defend your organization by mimicking real adversarial attacks.

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Design Attacks

Design your own attacks from scratch, using the first IDE designed for TTP development. Import pre-built attacks from any repository, and chain TTPs together.


Integrate your Systems

Automatically connect your SIEM, cloud provider or any other security tool using Operator's plugin & API infrastructure. Run realistic attacks against your systems to test your defenses.


Visualize efficacy

Easily visualize success/failure of your attacks against your system, and get automatically generated reports that you can share with your team. Move from one-off deployments to continuous/iterative testing.

Feature Overview

Designed for all use cases

Red Teamers

Save time by letting Operator take care of your manual tasks. Spend your time designing and testing attacks to use in production in our Editor section. Make your tests continuous and iterative, rather than performing an annual, manual red-team assessment.

Purple Teamers

Bring the red and blue teams together through easy-to-use integrations and testing. Connect your SIEM, EDR or other defensive tools to easily test adversaries or TTPs on your system, and integrate findings quickly.

Blue Teamers

Integrate Operator into your defensive testing products to test their efficacy by using real attack data. Train your SOC to think like an attacker using Operator's free training courses.

Security Teams

Mange your entire security team's use of Operator with an enterprise dashboard, integrate all of your defensive tools, and receive support from our security engineering team. Need help? Enterprise services are available.

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Community Edition

Designed for individual security engineers & researchers learning about adversary emulation.

  • Open-source TTPs and agents
  • Editor - design, test and manage your TTPs
  • Emulation - perform security assessments against your system using Community TTPs
  • Plugins - cloud, agents, and more
  • Introductory training
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Professional Edition

Designed for security engineers using Operator for professional use.

  • Everything in Community, plus:
  • 230+ professional (advanced) TTPs and agents
  • Run attacks against internal, cloud or production environments
  • Pre-built adversaries, including APT29, Fin6, and many more
  • Beautiful, exportable reports
  • Switchboard plugin - redirect beacons with your team
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