Plans & Pricing

Transparent, simple pricing for teams of all sizes. Focused on developers - we sell bottom-up into enterprises.


For individual security developers & researchers looking for

  • Access to our open-source agent, Pneuma
  • Access to 200+ "community" attacks/TTPs
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For individual security engineers looking to use a powerful C2

  • A full C2, packaged as a desktop application
  • Introduction + Pink Badge training
  • Editor - our attack IDE
  • Cloud integrations
  • Integrated community attacks (TTPs)
  • TTP database integrations (Atomic Red Team, Caldera)
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For professional security engineers needing advanced adversarial attacks & integrations

  • Professional (advanced) attacks (TTPs)
  • Pre-packaged adversary profiles
  • Advanced agents
  • Advanced cloud integrations
  • Team (switchboard) plugin - share redirectors with your team
  • Reporting
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Integrate real adversarial attack data into the enterprise through defensive integrations and deep support

  • Defensive integration plugins - including the Prelude SIEM plugin (Splunk & Elastic)
  • Enterprise dashboard & reporting
  • Real-time support with our security team
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Common Questions

Is there a version of Operator that can be used offline?

Yes - Operator has been designed with potential government use in mind. Please contact us for a demo.

What kind of support is offered at each tier?

  • We are very active on GitHub for any contributions and questions related to our OS tier.
  • We have an active Discord group, here, which is used for general public questions.
  • Enterprise customers get access to a private "Slack Connect" channel, where our technical team is able to work directly with you.

Does Prelude offer professional services?

Yes - if you are an Enterprise customer, our team is available for professional services projects. Typically, we see projects focused on:

  • Custom agent development
  • Custom adversary development
  • Onboarding training/group training
  • Integration with other security tools

Do you offer monthly pricing?

Yes, you can pay either monthly or annually.

I'm a reseller/IT Vendor working with a client, how do I purchase Operator?

Please contact us - we'd be happy to get your client set up with Operator through your system.

How can I be sure my data is secure?

We have consciously chosen to build Operator as a desktop application. You can read more about that decision here - Part of that decision was around your security. We don't store your data by default - the data lives with you, on your machines. Agents connect to your own desktop application, not our website. The only connection to the internet is through Gatekeeper, our authentication/administration management portal.


Adversary Emulation

Mimic known threats to your organization by combining threat intelligence and continuous red teaming to emulate attacks.


Defensive Training

Train yourself or your organization on real-world attacks using the first training platform integrated directly into an attack emulation platform. Perform attacks and learn how to stop them.


Desktop Application

Prelude takes care of the complexity behind the scenes and delivers Operator as the first desktop application in autonomous red-teaming. Simple design and free to use, download it here.


Continuously Updating

New TTPs and training content added every week (and sometimes, daily). Stay up-to-date, automatically. Threat intelligence, adversary creation, TTPs and training content all updated within the desktop app.