New to adversary emulation? Take one of Operator's continuous training classes to teach you how to use the platform, how to deploy your own attacks and how to use the tool to test your defenses.

Introduction to Operator

A course designed to teach you the basics of adversary emulation and how to get the most out of Operator. Go through Capture-The-Flag style training to ensure real learning efficacy before advancing.

Advanced Procedures (Professional)

Training manuals for 100s of micro-attacks built into the platform.

Pink Badge

Designed for IT professionals and developers - take a step-by-step program designed to teach you about red teaming, adversary emulation and using attack data to improve your defenses. By the time you're done with the four-week program, you will submit a final report designed to teach you how to bring red teaming into your organization. Learn More.


Adversary Emulation

Mimic known threats to your organization by combining threat intelligence and continuous red teaming to emulate attacks.


Defensive Training

Train yourself or your organization on real-world attacks using the first training platform integrated directly into an attack emulation platform. Perform attacks and learn how to stop them.


Desktop Application

Prelude takes care of the complexity behind the scenes and delivers Operator as the first desktop application in autonomous red-teaming. Simple design and free to use, download it here.


Continuously Updating

New TTPs and training content added every week (and sometimes, daily). Stay up-to-date, automatically. Threat intelligence, adversary creation, TTPs and training content all updated within the desktop app.